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This is meant to be read outloud [Sep. 25th, 2012|09:51 pm]

i love that you wanted to show me your supply box
i love that you even have a supply box in the first place
i love that you grew up around needles and pins and buttons
i love that you once hurt so much that you had to drive a nail through your finger
i love that you have never fucked someone you didn’t like
i love that you can make yourself (and me) comfortable no matter where we are, it’s like home is a state of mind for you
i love your voice, it’s so manly, and i love that fact that you have different voices for different subjects
i love that you know that you are the master of your own happiness 
i love that you call me chata 
i love that you call me chula
i love your laugh, oh god, I really really do love your laugh
i love that you like to read poetry out loud, I love that you read it Ginsberg style
i love it when you bite your lower lip and i am biting mine at the same time
i love the color your skin
i love the warmness of your skin
i love you skin against mine
i love that you are excellent at whatever you do
i love that everything you say sounds so fucking deep
i love who i am around you
i love that you love me but i love loving you more
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this is called: me, dreaming [Sep. 3rd, 2012|12:40 pm]

Carl Otto Czeschka, Traümende (Dreaming Girl), 1919, Litograph on paper

lets never fall asleep.
lets watch movies together
lets go on picnics.
lets wake up together some sundays.
lets be friends.
lets read poems when we are drunk.
let me talk to you until you fall asleep.
lets tell each other little stories.
lets be toghether in the herenow and never worry about forevers.
lets have at least a hundred good conversations.
lets make many many mixtapes for each other.
lets not talk about love, not ever.
lets walk for hours.
let us never lie to one another.
lets share some secrets.
lets have sex for three whole days nonstop.
lets make each other happy.

[This is not meant to be poetic. I wrote it a while back when I was thinking about the men I knew and the relationships I had with them, it was meant as a sort of wish list with no one in particular in mind.]
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the death [Aug. 20th, 2012|12:45 pm]

I have a problem with people making a fuzz about someone famous dying.

Take Chavela Vargas for example, the only way in which Chavela actually exists in our lives is through her recordings, and her recordings survive her, so in reality (in my reality) she hasn't gone anywhere: I can still make out to Macorina, and cry to Paloma Negra, and get drunk to La Llorona, it is really the same to me if she is in her house smoking or six feet under.

Also if find it extremly self centered to write a blog post to tell the world how you are feeling so sad about so and so's passing, how this person affected you, how your life won't ever be the same, pretty much making a badge out their cadaver to put on yout scout band... but well I guess blogs are all about self-centerdness.

So after this rant I am going to be complety inappropriate and go right ahead and do the very thing I am complaining about: I am sad Phyllis Diller is gone because somehow I felt she validated my akwardness, now I need another (comedic) role model.
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belated happy birthday to me [Jun. 1st, 2012|11:44 am]

Fue mi cumpleaños.

Hace varios años dejé de ser una adolescente y sigo sintiendo tantas de las mismas cosas: que no pertenezco a ninguna parte, que mi ropa no es la correcta, que no veo como me tendría que ver.

Encima me siento ridícula que ideas como estas acompañen la aparición de mis primeras canas.
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Things the internet has proven [May. 2nd, 2012|11:11 pm]
1. People are wonderfully creative.
2.People are horribly twisted.
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